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Primarily for my regular players and other locals, here is a list of campaigns in progress or that I would be willing to initiate (title, system, genre, brief description):

Day After Ragnarok
System: Savage Worlds
Genre: WWII, post-apocalyptic
Status: Hiatus
Description: Nazi cultists succeed in bringing about Ragnarok in 1947.  The PCs are survivors in Alabama, making a living fighting the KKK and escaped German POWs.

Realms of Cthulhu
System: Savage Worlds
Genre: 1920s Lovecraftian horror
Status: In progress
Description: Classic Lovecraftian horror in 1920s Arkham, Mass. PCs were investigating the murder of a wealthy layabout. They searched the familial manor, encountering an eccentric astronomer father, a suspicious groundskeeper, a horrific”guest”, gypsy sorcerers and a terrifying murder suspect.

System: Savage Worlds
Genre: Norse swords & sorcery
Status: New
Description: Norse-inspired fantasy in an ice age, fighting for glory and survival.

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