Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves

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PCs present:  Dr. Kenneth Lokar (historian), Jenny Barnes (dilettante), Raymond Learson (archaeologist), Jack Storn (reporter), Penelope Murphy (paranormalist)

Rough summary of events:

  • Diamante was arrested, and along with Peter Malone and Marianne Silver (missing maid) were transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Arkham. One patrolman was assigned to guard Diamante until she recovers enough for questioning. Samson the groundskeeper is taken to Arkham Courthouse jail. Dr. Drake was politely escorted downtown to ID the body of Jonathan and give a rambling, incoherent statement
  • Some of the charges to be filed against Diamante and Samson include first degree murder, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and possible immigration charges pending clarification of Diamante’s status.
  • Word is quickly spreading that an Italian immigrant (“vagrant, degenerate gypsy woman”) has brutally murdered the son of a fine, upstanding family. The court of public opinion is already in session and protests will be organized both for and against Diamante, since this is less than a week after the execution of Sacco & Vanzetti. Anti-immigrant sentiment is once again in the news and rumor has it that she is an anarchist or communist agitator. Det. Strawbridge is not happy about the publicity.
  • The investigators explore the open sarcophagus in the Drake family plot.  Penelope Murphy takes several photographs of a group of frightening humanoids in a long tunnel (illuminated by her flash), one of which spoke to her. While at the graveyard, they feel a dark presence fly overhead from the woods, heading to Arkham.
  • Dr. Kenneth Lokar (PC) discovers the family copy of Cultes des Goules (Il Culto Dei Ghouls, written in Italian by Isabella Drake.) Lokar notices that the cover is human skin, which they cut away and burn. Penelope subsequently tries to read the book but none of them read Italian. They realize that ghouls may be about. Lokar wants to burn the whole manor to the ground “to be sure.”
  • After the police finish investigating the manor, the group gives it another going over. Raymond Learson (PC) tries to speak into Dr. Drake’s HAM radio. After a few periods of static, a voice speaks to him in English and, not recognizing him, says they will no longer communicate on this frequency. The radio then goes silent. They take Drake’s papers and a half-finished manuscript entitled “The Orbit of Yuggoth.”
  • They load Claudette, the other maid, into the car (drunk) and start to head back to town. Three of them actually leave for town.
  • Dr. Lokar and Jenny Barnes check out the woods to the south by themselves. They find a group of Sinti Roma (gypsies) from Hungary who are a large family of artists and musicians. The leader, Janos Reinhardt, tells of a terrifying Devil who lives in a cave near standing stones. Its master is an Italian gypsy who promises them protection if they keep their mouths shut. They find the cave empty. As they are leaving, a gigantic winged creature lands on the altar inside the standing stones. A man and woman are riding it and it drops a dead, horribly mangled policeman from its maw. Shaken, they retreat into the woods unseen.

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