Alred, Session 2

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Session #2


Hagop the Halfling carpet salesman
Assfacé the escaped Saurian convict

Sudifi, Bouya, Urlach, Hagop, and Assfacé all decide to sign up to explore this “cursed” town. Hagop has some business with the town council first. He speaks with Trent about some carpets and manages to sell some fine rugs to the council for 2500 gold, payable in installments. He gets some paperwork together and sends the information back to his town in the country of Da’Raal in the lands to the North. He talks to Trent about exploring the nearby town and learns that the reason they want to explore it is that it’s in a prime trade location, at the intersection of two rivers. It had been abandoned a few years back and Alred wants to annex it and use its docks to make up for the business it lost after their falling out with Ferndale, the city to the South. Hagop says he’ll help out, but only for more money. They negotiate a payment of 400 gp, twice what the others are getting for the exploration, and Hagop leaves happy.

The group meets up when talking to Leema, the head of Alred’s militia. She supplies everyone with some basic armor and whatever minor supplies they think they’ll need. Urlach isn’t happy with the armor and gets Hagop and Assfacé to go with him to the local blacksmith to haggle for some better gear. Sudifi and Bouya head to the stables to rent a pack mule for carrying stuff along the way. The two head to Uolvos’ house, where they rent a spare room from Uolvos’ servant to use as a lab for the day so Sudifi can prepare some potions. While walking through the house, they notice stacks or papers – drawings, plans, theories – in multiple languages, written by multiple people, about some type of prismatic shard.

After Urlach gets his reinforced chainmail armor (which requires a good deal of haggling from Hagop and some IOUs written by Urlach) and Sudifi prepares his potions, everyone meets back at Sorgin’s tavern for a decent night’s rest before they head out for Mayn-am-Leit.

The trip to Mayn-am-Leit takes two days, wherein very little happens. They walk along the edge of the Troltliern river on a well-worn path through the rocky landscape. As they near the town, the forest – previously to the Northwest – appears to have grown closer to the river. Within a mile of the town gates, the foliage is so dense they cannot see the walls surrounding the old trading town. As the group approaches where they think the path should lead, they hear a strange humming coming from the bushes. Urlach has little patience for all of this, so he chops at a nearby shrub. The humming increases in volume and thorny vines reach our from the ground at the intruders. Bouya and Hagop find themselves in the thrall of the Siren Bushes, lashing out at their own compatriots. Bouya recovers, after smashing Sudifi in the head, and throws some fireballs at the bushes.

The fire seems to help against the bushes, but the trees seem to come alive and start swing branches in retaliation. Some of the trees awaken and stomp into the fray (one of them unfortunately getting set on fire in the process). They are huge, sixty to seventy feet tall, with trunks three feet in diameter; and they are not happy. Things don’t seem to be going well at this point, so Hagop offers a truce. They agree to lay down their arms and extinguish the flames if the forest agrees not to kill them. That’s good enough for the trees, so they form a bucket brigade and put out whatever fires remain. Two trees and three bushes are lost to the flames, and the remaining trees summon their master to speak with the group. Eovas, an enormous tree over a hundred feet tall, saunters out from within the town gates. The other trees call him the Lord of the Forest and demand that the little people pay him respect. He offers them a truce if they will assist him.

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