Hydra & Klan

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PCs present:  Ulrich, Yaroslav, Rupert, Smokey, Sam & Noah (both motionless, staring vacantly into the distance)

Clods of wet earth erupted in geysers around the downed Liberator as six reptilian heads burst from the ground.  Overhead circled two fighters of the Birmingham Air Force, possibly surveying the confusing situation, while Ulrich’s eagle eye spotted more Klan reinforcements en route to the scene.

COL Jimmy Stewart was on the wireless with Redstone Arsenal, frequency hopping to elude the Klan’s jamming attempts.  His crew frantically tried to rip valuable equipment – radios, wiring, tools, etc – from the B-24.  Smokey took over the top twin .50-cal turret when the local farmers headed screaming for the hills as the killing zone got even hotter and creepier.

[to make a long story short, since I can’t recall many of the details]

Ulrich was the first to recall something he had heard regarding hydras and how to kill them:  make sure to apply fire, don’t simply shoot them.  Of course, the group then proceeded to simply shoot them.  Eventually someone fished Smokey’s flamethrower out of the sidecar and Yaroslav had the novel idea of attempting to blast the hydra with the hot exhaust plumes of Noah’s JetPack.  Yaroslav, unfortunately, was not versed in the controls and was lifted off the ground while hanging onto the hand grips.  He nimbly strapped himself in mid-air — no mean feat — and tried to singe the hydra.

Meanwhile, more truckloads of Klansmen appeared and began communicating via radio with the fighters overhead.  The two planes dove toward the firefight in line astern and began strafing runs.  It turned out that ground attack isn’t the best role for pilots with meager flight training and the planes did little harm.  Ulrich attempted to snipe the pilots but missed.  Smokey turned his turret toward the Klansmen and hosed them down.  The hydra was gradually brought under control after having sprouted two heads for every one lost, doing surprisingly little permanent damage.  Yaroslav lost control of the JetPack and flew towards the Klansmen, but these were luckily dealt with before he got into any more trouble.  He then flew into the ground, not knowing how to land safely, and came away with bumps and bruises.

So the chaotic fight ended successfully and the group awaited the arrival of transport from Redstone, summoned courtesy of COL Stewart.

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