Another chief charmed

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PCs present:  Ebin, human cleric; Erb Draug Gurth, elf; Huggra, elf; Mike, human thief; Orwill, halfling; Reeny Reenmel, halfling fighter

The prefect, Zeleth, was most interested in interrogating Huggra’s new pal, Chaarogn, the former orc chief.  The elf left him in Zeleth’s custody and the party decided to break their pattern, forgo minor healing, and immediately strike out for the caves in the afternoon.  They did, however, still take the same route, although the disparate gaggles of humanoids did not have the time nor the organization to respond yet.

In what seems to be a recurring pattern, the party sliced through the another orc clan of tribe “Gutshank” like a hot knife through oxygen, killing all including the chief, Orogh.

I wish there was more of interest to report, but such was the ease with which the orcs were dealt with  *DM sigh*

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