Caves of Chaos

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Session 2 opens with the party having escaped from the goblins and carried their two severely wounded members safely to the Keep.

PCs present:  Ebin, human cleric; Erb Draug Gurth, elfHuggra, elf; Mike, human thief; Orwill, halfling; Reeny Reenmel, halfling fighter; Thorg, human fighter.

The party requested healing from the Curate Hagalpin, a priest of St. Cuthbert, Order of the Billets.  He refused at first since they were not members of his faith but the Prefect, Zeleth the Steadfast, exerted his authority and finally persuaded him.  They learned that Zeleth was a popular, highly decorated war hero who had risen from poverty to command the Keep’s garrison.  Zeleth’s story was in sharp contrast to that of the Keep’s other resident celebrity – Luciano “the Bold”, the greatest living dwarven tenor.  A pompous prima donna, Luciano was also very well-connected in the best social circles and boasted of many friends in high places.  He requested a posting to the frontier to gain military experience in preparation for a political career.  Luciano was not as well-liked nor respected by the garrison, despite his frequent impromptu performances (in fact, BECAUSE of them!).

Having spent the remainder of the first day and night resting, they decided to venture out at dawn, taking the same path they had been shown by Squirrel the previous day.

The goblins obviously expected their return and posted archers in the trees which ambushed the party.  The scouts were easily defeated despite their advantages and the party formulated a two-pronged plan to deal with the remaining goblins.  Most of the party approached the ogre, Kurchunk, in his cave, thinking the previous day’s payment would ensure his aid.  Meanwhile, two party members planned to toss a goblin head with a light spell into the cavern, hoping to affect the goblins’ vision.  The two groups would then attack from two sides of one of the main hallways.

Kurchunk, unfortunately, turned out to be two-faced and attacked.  Another lucky light spell blinded him and he was rather easily slain.  The rest of the encounter went according to plan as the goblins were temporarily confused by the bright light and hit from two sides.  They slightly outnumbered the party but superior ranged firepower made the difference, and the rest of the goblin cavern was cleared.

The party’s luck held out and they withdrew in good order to the Keep.

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