Muldoon's 7 April 2009 Recap

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by Mike W.

Started early – about 5:30 with Augie, Mike, Rob and Edith in attendance. Rob wanted to get his "Dominion" fix right off the bat! Played with the standard opening cards. Rob cleaned our clocks with 28 points to our 14 (we all had the same). Rob said Mike came in second since he had the fewest turns – whoopee.

Alan, Sandy and Tony the showed up. Sandy broke out "Five Crowns". I think she beat us into a bloody pulp. She always seemed to have the right combos to go out early. Augie and Edith had some painful 40+ point hands.

Next was "6 Nimmt". Augie won handily – the first few hands he managed to escape with no bull's heads.

Mike, Edith and Alan left and the others played Dominion with one of the other recommended deck sets. Augie thinks Rob won again. Here is his recap:

We called the game early because we were the only ones left and they dimmed the lights on us. We left around 10 PM. I guess we were about half way through the game. Sandy said she would play the game again. My cards were not coming up in good order. We had a few different card types, mostly higher cost cards. I think we had 3 five cost cards, 3 four cost cards, 2 three cost cards and 2 two cost cards.

NOTE: Tony asked if we could move the Muldoon's meeting back to Wednesday since his son is now a brown belt in karate and his schedule has changed. Everyone there agreed. The moderator of the PIGSLIST will update the Muldoon's reminder.

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