German gnome painting sequence

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The German gnomes are outfitted in Great War-ish uniforms:  great coats, pickelhaubs, the Kaiser gnome with his Col. Klink helmet, etc.  All paints are Vallejo unless otherwise noted.

I primed these with Floquil Light Gray.  There are a few basic figure types with different uniforms:  the Kaiser and NCO are individual with their own look.  The bulk of the figures are riflemen with pickelhaubs and greatcoats along with two bier stein grenadiers.  Then there are four militia with lederhosen, pointy hats and pitchforks.

Paint the entire faces and beards with Saddle Brown, which has a ruddy reddish tinge.  I don’t complete the faces and beards until later, unlike on the Highlanders.

Pickelhaubs are Green Ochre.  I wanted a slightly yellowish tan but I think this color is too yellow, reminiscent of WW2 German camo yellow.  But what the heck, they’re gnomes; this isn’t history class.

Great coats are (tada) German Uniform Grey, along with the NCO’s hat.

Boots, belts, and weapons in black.  Rifle stocks in Cavalry Brown.  Metal drybrushed Gun Metal.

Straps on the pickelhaubs are a dark brown, I think Saddle Brown.

I finished the faces by blocking in Medium Flesh.  Hair is drybrushed Dark Sand.  The Kaiser, old fellow that he is, got a white moustache and skunk stripe on the beard.

The militia have Ivory shirts and socks with black lederhosen and shoes.  Hats are Deep Green with a Saddle Brown strap and Scarlet pom pom doo dad on the side.  Pitchforks are Saddle Brown and Gunmetal.  Red armbands complete the militia look (gnomish Volksturm?  why not?!)

The kaiser’s helmet is glossy black with a silver eagle and spike and Brass braided band (alliteration FTW).  Epaulettes are Brass and his marshal’s baton is Gunmetal and Old Gold.

Bier stein grenades are Ivory with the pewter bits in Gunmetal with some Old Gold highlights.  What are supposed to be little Iron Crosses festoon the front.

I used Magic Wash to very carefully line some seams for contrast.  I also used thinned Liquitex Raw Umber, which I believe is easier to control.

As with the Highlanders, a coat of Krylon Crystal Clear and two coats of Testors Dullcote.  Flock as usual.  Pictures to come soon…

Next up, Sandy starts her samurai while Heather tackles the Irish!


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