Highlander Gnome painting sequence

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I picked up a regiment of Highlander gnomes from Brigade Games for use in Gnome Wars games at the HMGS conventions (Cold Wars, Historicon and Fall In).  Here’s my approximate painting sequence.

Clean and base.

Prime with Testors Light Earth.

Block in fleshy bits with Vallejo Medium Flesh.  I drybrushed some with Basic Skintone but after a few decided to leave well enough alone.  I washed the flesh with Magic Wash Skin then went over some highlights with Medium Flesh.  Noses and cheeks got dots of Basic Skintone to make them look jolly (for heavily armed Highlanders).

Hair drybrushed Vallejo Light Orange, except for the Berserker and his white lime do.

Kilts, sashes and tam-o-shanters with Vallejo Intermediate Green.  Washed with Magic Wash Dark Green.

Jackets with several coats of Vallejo Scarlet as the coverage was a bit weak.

Belts, shoes and hatbands in black, socks in Vallejo Sky Grey.

Hat pom poms in Off White.  I also tried to dot in the eyeballs with this color (some successfully!)

Hat band check pattern in Sky Grey.

Tartan stripes on kilt and sash with a dark blue Staedtler permanent marker.

Sword grips, polearms, gun wood, shields in Vallejo Cavalry Brown.

Gun metal and blades in Black drybrushed with Vallejo Gun Metal.  Blades edged in Silver.  Shield bosses and rivets in Gunmetal.

Sporrans in black with white tassles and slight white drybrush.

Shoe buckles, sword guards and hilts and various doo dads in Vallejo Old Gold (or Brass, I forget).

Overall shading with Magic Wash Original or Dirty Brown.

Grass Green (Folkart) or Medium Foliage Green (Ceramcoat) bases.

Coat with Krylon Crystal Clear to protect against handling.  When dry, coat with Testors Dullcote.  Two coats will probably be required.  One coat leaves a satin sheen.

Flock the bases with a mix I had of green static grass and railroad talus.  The grass is a little too bright, but heck, they’re gnomes.  Rocks and pebbles from the gutter would also work nicely in place of talus.

That’s basically it.  Next up, regiments of Samurai, Germans and Leprechaun cavalry on wolfhounds.

UPDATE:  I was informed that all the green in the color scheme made the Highlanders look too “Irish.”  I had to agree, and since we’ll be painting some Leprechauns soon I didn’t want too many green gnomes sitting around.  So I repainted the hats with Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue in an attempt to match the tartan stripes.

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