Muldoon’s 24 Mar 2009 Recap

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by Mike W

Attendees: Mike, Rob, Tony, Sandy, Edith, Alan

Mike and Rob showed up first, so the ubiquitous round of cribbage followed. Mr. Lucky lost to Rob but managed to round the skunk marker before the end. Mike got in trouble because he actually miscounted one of Rob's hands and shorted him two points! (Rob asked how he could count so fast, just one of the advantages of being an Idiot Savant!).

In the mean time Edith M. showed up. She is a new recruit from Picatinny, but she probably won't make the Fuddrucker meetings. Tony and Sandy also arrived.

Next up was "Wizard" with six players. Edith took an early lead and was unstoppable till the end, Mike trailed closely but the others were far behind. Win for the newbie!

Alan A. from Picatinny then showed up, Rob brought out "Moto Grand Prix",
We tried to start playing, but the rules seemed less than clear. Rob: For next time print out the cheat sheets on boardgamegeek, also check the warnings about the stands for the motorcycles and how to modify them. We got confused by the rules and will try this again some other time.

Next was 6 Nimmt, In this game you are trying to get rid of cards but not take sets. At the end of each hand you count the number of bull's heads on your pile. Once someone gets to 66 the game is over and lowest count wins. In this case Mike, Alan and Tony went bust with high final counts; Rob bested Sandy with a lowly "7". (Mike twice had his last card being one that was one more than a pile of 5 on the board – no way out with that combo).

A final quick round of the Great Dalmuti,
followed with Mike losing his "Muti-ness" the first hand and Tony taking charge. Also the Peon and Lesser Peon's switched (Alan and Sandy). Rob remained in the middle as a Merchant. It's been a long time since we played Muti – at Maggie's they had a great big round table that was great for this (as you must move around based on your status with the the current Dalmuti being the center of the universe).

Next time, Fuddruckers in Parsippany on April Fool's Day. Post to Yahoo groups PIGSLIST if you are planning to come.

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