Fuddruckers 18 March 2009 Summary

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Recap by Mike W –

First Mike and Augie played cribbage; Mike (Mr. Lucky) bested Augie 2 games to 1. Someone walking by said he thought they only played cribbage in Boston – guess not!

While awaiting Ron, Augie broke out his reprint of “Can’t Stop”. Ron later said he thought it was a pretty good reprint considering some others he has sent. Mike continued his string on this game – he lost as usual. If Sandy was around, she would have won as usual. In any case Augie got 5 numbers to Mike’s 2 or 3 and he won.

While Mike and Augie were finishing Can’t Stop Ron showed up with Perikles, Oltremare and something else in tow (Oltremare is also a reprint – Mike had brought the original version once, but it was like a miniature game compared to the reprint). We voted on Perikles and he started punching out the pieces. Regarding pieces there were quite a few wooden blocks and counters. Ron is a brave man for bringing them to Fudd’s – many a piece has been almost been eaten up by the black upholstery of the round table we sit around in the back by the bar. Bringing a flashlight to check for missing pieces before we leave might be a good idea.

Perikles is a game from Martin Wallace. Players assume the role of a noble family seeking to become the leader of one or more of 6 ancient Greek city-states. The game plays out in two phases:

In the first, players vie for area control in each of the six states, which end in elections. Players who win the election in each state can then “control” that state’s army.

In the second phase, players use cards to move their armies to attack or defend one of seven battles (each tied to a state, and you can’t attack your own!) that are up for grabs that round.

Ron jumped out to an early lead, Mike and Augie tried to stop him but there always seemed to be an opportunity to grab some easy battles that lead Mike astray. Mike twice (out of three rounds) got a nice collection of city-states that had few or no battles for that turn (you get to see where the battles will be before you vie for control of the city-states). One reason is that Ron stole Mike’s “Mr. Lucky” hat – I recall a lot of 10, 11’s and 12’s being rolled by Ron to win battles (while Mike had quite a few 2’s with the double dice. Did I tell you I hate wooden dice? Can’t get the right “action”!). Assassinations were rampant and screwed up many a plan. I think Augie cold have won, but he did not contest Sparta the last round with a candidate even though he had the most influence to peddle.

Ron won with 61 pts, Augie 53, Mike 51. The statues one gets for keeping track of past control of city-state’s are quite powerful, some of the larger states give 9 victory points for controlling that state for a turn (assuming it didn’t lose too many battles during the game) – that’s the same as winning a huge battle (battles seem to range from 3 to 8 pts). Gotta watch that if this is played again.

Boardgame Geek says it plays best with 5 people, with three there was little negotiating going on.


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