Muldoon’s 10 Mar 09 Recap

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Recap by Mike W –

Mike and Ben N (a new recruit) showed up first. Mike (aka “Mr. Lucky”)
skunked Ben on his first cribbage outing with us. Sandy then showed up and we played 3 handed with Ben regaining his honor with a last minute surge past Sandy (and a similar last minute surge by Mr L to get past the skunk marker).

In the meantime Wendy, her friend Frank, Rob, Tony and Michael (his son) showed up. Since we had 6 the new copy of “Giants” that Mike brought went unused – Roku tablets, Moais and Ahus will have to wait till some other time. Five is the max with that puppy.

Rob broke out Chicago Express. Mike pissed off Rob when he decided to join him on the B&O rather than jumping in with Wendy and Augie on Pennsylvania. Mike thought that it looked further along and could make it to Chicago easily. Rob’s complaint was that since Mike bought the share last (and before dividend payouts) he got it too cheap and did not infuse enough capital into the company for expansion (saw a post on BGG that someone initiates bidding on a RR he owns early on to get a partner to allow for expansion). Mike later corrected this by buying another share but Rob was disheartened (since Mike got 2/3’s of the dividend money) and B&O got into Chicago behind the Pennsylvania RR. Pennsylvania had stomped across the board with three shareholders to help things along (Tony joined Augie and Wendy). C&O languished until Sandy joined Augie late in the game. NY made a last minute spurt with Wendy and Sandy (and Tony?) at the helm and reached Chicago also. The two shares of Wabash were bought by Wendy and Tony and it quickly jumped to about $12.

When the dust settled the winner was Wendy by about comfortable amount. Some lamented that their last minute purchase of shares did not allow enought dividend rounds to get a propery ROI. He who has the most money at the end wins – shares mean nothing.

Last was a game of Wizard, we had six people, but only got to round nine as it was about 10PM and the only others in restaurant were Cassandra and a waiter sitting at the bar. Since Augie had an 80 pt lead we acknowledged his prowess as having no trump in the last hand makes big lead changes difficult.

Next week Fudd’s is on the schedule. Post your intentions so people know who is planning on attending.

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