The Master

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Thankfully, Mokk’s injuries were not as severe as initially feared. Grolach staunched the wounds and the party decided that they must discover and vanquish whatever hazards lurked deeper in the tomb.

Retracing their steps to where they battled the inhuman, yellow-robed creatures, they saw the bodies still undisturbed in death. They proceeded and entered a chamber no doubt used for preparing the dead for the journey to the Otherworld. Rotted wooden tables held rusted implements of the embalmer’s trade, stained with blackish blood. Rain cascaded from a rough opening in the ceiling under which was piled dirt and broken masonry, perhaps a tunnel for tomb robbers. Water swirled down a ghastly blood-stained drain in the floor.

Cautiously creeping forward down the sloping passageway leading from the chamber, Mokk’s torchlight pierced yet another black chamber. A narrow, foul-smelling tunnel ran to the right. But ahead, lying on a stone platform carved with incomprehensible symbols, lay the body of a large man, untouched by time and decay. To their horror the man’s eyes opened wide at their approach and the head turned to glare at them. "I am the Master," rumbled a low, gutteral voice. "Only those who serve have a place here." With that, he sprang to his feet upon the bier with the agility of youth, rising to his full height in his shining mail and brandishing a wickedly barbed spear which he hurled full force at Grolach .

Grolach , taken aback for but a moment, knocked the spear aside with his shield and was the first to leap in, his blade ringing against the Master’s drawn longsword. Ailyn, protecting the wounded druid, thrust with her spear while Duco sprang forward with his knife on the Master’s flank. The cunningly crafted iron rings turned aside the companion’s attacks but the press of three warriors proved too much for the Master. Uttering not a sound, his bloodless body fell in a heap. The four companions were sorely disappointed to find no riches in his tomb, only a gold amulet about his neck containing a symbol – the same symbol found on the dagger of the yellow-robed creature.

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