Night Stalkers

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Kiely awoke with a start as rough hands seized her in the dark. She could not see the faces of the hooded figures stooped above her and she did not linger to find out who they were. Bolt upright in a flash, she slipped between the two and out the door of her private room. Sounds of struggle came from another room as she made for the stairs down to the public hall. She slid deftly down the railing as her two assailants gave chase. "Get her!", one said just a bit too loudly.

Grolach and Duco slept in a common room with a group of sweaty, drunken merchants. Ailyn was in another common room for women while Mokk had a private room complete with body servants and healers; the best was always reserved for druids and bards. Grolach was jolted awake by the shout from the corridor and got up to share a few choice words, or even some knuckles, with the unlucky boor. He instinctively grabbed his axe as he stumbled out of the room, waking Duco and several others in the process, and heard a general commotion. Someone was hurrying down the stairs while female voices called from one of the private rooms.

He poked his head into the room to see two cloaked men struggling with the girl and her mother who had garnered so much attention earlier. One of the men held the girl fast and slapped a hand over her mouth as he kicked open the window to climb or jump to the ground. The mother put up a far more effective resistance but was eventually pushed to the floor while her assailant made for the window as well. Grolach could hear the sound of horses’ hooves as boots thudded into the mud below. Not knowing what resistance he would face outside, he made for the stairs.

Kiely was there with Bran and his hounds. Her attackers fled into the night with the others to avoid a scuffle as the sounds of struggle woke up most of the patrons who weren’t dead drunk. Unfortunately, the gate guards were dead drunk, and the cloaked men easily made off with the girl on horseback.


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