Cleaning Up

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With the Master vanquished, the four companions heaved a collective sigh of relief and turned to the business of clearing the rest of the tomb with renewed vigor and confidence. They turned down the narrow passage next to the Master’s chamber. The air was close and foul and cobwebs clogged the tunnel and stuck to their bodies. Mokk thrust his torch ahead to clear the way for Grulach as they came to yet another pitch black side chamber.

Grolach strode boldly through the entrance and was immediatly pounced upon by a spider the size of a dog. Dripping jaws lunged for his unprotected neck but he drew his blade and skewered the thing, which curled up and fell with a thud. Mokk, perhaps dizzy with blood loss from his wounds, rushed into the chamber only to find three more of the beasts hovering overhead in their webs. The druid chanted a quick prayer and fire sprung from his fingers to set the webs alight. Grulach, Duco and Ailyn were by his side in an instant, stabbing up into the bellies of the spiders. Another of the beasts was dispatched but the fangs of the others found their marks. Mokk and Duco stiffened and collapsed on the ground with wide eyes and drooling mouths. Ailyn and Grolach killed one more and then Ailyn, too, was stricken by their venom. Grolach , though bitten several times, shook off the effects and slashed the spider in two, ending the threat. The others soon came to and, though shaken, seemed none the worse for wear.

One passage remained to explore. Grolach , impetuous and overconfident, strode boldly down and into a room containing a carved granite chest. A stone in the floor gave way under his foot and darts flew from the walls. Danu was with him this day, for the darts flew by inches from him. He opened the chest and the companions were greeted by the sweet glint of pure gold, offerings to the Master and whatever dark gods he served.

[Thus ends the first adventure of Grulach and Mokk]

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