They Joined Him in Death

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Leaving the bodies where they fell, the four companions retreated to the entry chamber. Whatever other dangers the tomb held, they must at the very least secure the entry chamber for the night.

Disaster struck in the first side chamber they entered. From stone biers flanking an alien, inhuman idol, six skeletal warriors rose to the attack flashing iron swords. Mokk, unaccustomed as he was to battle, nevertheless rushed headlong at the nearest guardian, who slashed a vicious gash across Mokk’s chest. His white druidic robes now soaked with crimson blood, Mokk fell moaning to the ground.

Grolach leapt to Mokk’s side while Duco and Ailyn held three of the fiends at bay. The fight was short and sharp but the three warriors prevailed. Mokk was still alive, but barely, as Grolach bandaged his ghastly wound. Making fast the chamber’s doors, the four passed the night undisturbed.


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