Disturbing His Rest

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The entry chamber was large, damp and empty. Torchlight cast ancient carvings into orange relief, spirals, knots and unknown runes. Any color that once adorned the walls had long since faded, leaving them bare and drab. All that remained were three passageways upon which hung three crude but relatively recent doors. Doors were not traditionally found inside tombs; the dead had no need of them. Outside, the crash of lightning and hammerfall of hailstones continued.

Grolach forced upon each of the three doors in turn and the party was swarmed each time by hordes of hungry, black, wet rats, which were quickly dispersed by his iron and Mokk’s flame. Proceeding down a long, dark passageway, the sounds of the storm were muffled by the stifling blackness of the tomb. Suddently, the sound of shuffling and mumbling emanated from far down the corridor – someone or something was alerted to their presence. Two figures appeared from a chamber ahead and slowly drew down the passageway towards them, silhouetted by the light of a torch. The flickering flame cast ghastly dancing shadows of the cloaked pair, whether by chance or cold calculation to intimidate intruders.

Finally, they were revealed in the light of Mokk’s torch to be yellow-robed creatures akin to the corpse outside the tomb entrance. Iron short swords flashed from beneath the folds of their robes as they challenged the party, "Who dares trespass in the house of the Master? Prepare to meet him!"

Grolach and Duco leapt to the attack with longsword and knife as Ailyn leveled her longspear in the gap between them. The wild-eyed creatures were no match and were swiftly cut down. The blood on their robes mignled with the mud and dirt of a long road. All they carried were their weapons and near-empty bags of hard tack and flagons of bitter water. One, however, possessed a strange knife of cruel-edged flint whose handle bore a strange, solitary symbol. This same symbol appeared carved in many places upon the walls of the tomb, but none, not even the druid Mokk, could puzzle its meaning.



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