A Storm Breaks

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[Game master log]

Grolach the Berserk, warrior of the Sessair, found himself two days out of Murias when the storm hit. The clouds were gathering dark and foreboding as the day waned and gusts drove the rain into his eyes. The caravan he accompanied on its way to the great Beltaine feast in the capital city of the Sessair stretched for more than a mile along the muddy track and came to a halt as the rain gave way to hail of increasing size.

As travelers scrambled desperately for what shelter they could find, Grolach spied a structure on a nearby hill to the east, silhouetted against flashes of lightning. Along with his traveling companions — Mokk, the druidic initiate; Duco, the dwarf; and, Ailyn, spear warrior of the Sessair — he said a quick prayer to Danu and made for the the hill.

Drawing near to the hill they could see the remnants of a round, stone tower on the summit, 20 to 30 feet tall and almost completely obscured by vines and brush. Searching for a ledge or rock outcropping under which to shelter the companions found something quite shocking and unexpected.

A stone lintel framed an opening in the west face of the hill; perhaps this was a tomb of some long-forgotten warrior. But more surprising still was the crumpled and singed body of a yellow-robed man which lay in front of the portal. Fragments of a large stone were scattered about the figure, also singed by an unlucky bolt of lightning or some other powerful force. Closer inspection revealed that the being had been dead no more than several days. Being, not man, for it had the hooved legs and horns of a goat and a wickedly wide mouth full of sharp yellow teeth.

Torches were lit and weapons were drawn as the companions entered the darkness of what they had hoped was safe and secure shelter.


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