Types of characters

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New slayer- hero, good at butt kicking

Former Initiative agent- hero, good at butt kicking

Demon hunter- hero, like slayers but less powerful

Martial artist- hero, kick vampire butt

Watcher- white hat, teach, research and fight

Psychic- white hat, telekinesis and visions

Scooby gang member- white hat, investigation

Football player- white hat, fighter

Hacker- white hat, computer savvy

Beginner witch/warlock- white hat, sorcery powers

Former vampire groupie- white hat, archery and dexterity

Amateur hunter- white hat, fighter

Young mystic- white hat, sense magic, perceptive, spotting, sense feelings

Young inventor- white hat, electronics geek, superscience

AWOL invisible spy- white hat, invisible

Teenage werewolf- white hat, werewolf

Former runaway- hero, slayer

Reluctant slayer- hero, slayer, scared

Dark slayer- hero, like Faith, sadistic

Slayer heiress- hero, slayer, spoiled, money

Slayer in training- hero, not quite as experienced as a slayer

Paranormal expert- white hat, paranormal (occult) research

Intrepid web journalist- hero, occultism and intelligence

Adventurous teacher- white hat, research, intelligence

Slayer poseur- white hat, fighter

Night shift cop- hero, fighter, driver

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