Rockaway Environs

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There are four libraries between the County, borough and township:

Rockaway Township Library on Mt Hope Rd

Rockaway Boro library  on Main street

Hibernia Library on Green Pond Road

Morris County Library near Morristown


There are a couple of large camps in the township:

Camp Lewis Boy Scout Camp on upper Hibernia Rd that boarders the Farney State Park and Splitrock Reservoir

Blind Camp at end of Timberbrook Rd


There are three cemeteries

First Presbyterian Church on Church street in the Boro

Small Cemetery across from Parks Lake (Fox Pond) on Mt Hope road

Marcella Cemetery on Timberbrook Rd


Morris County college is a two year college for people who need to “find their way” and not ready for the big leagues yet


There are two high schools:

Morris Knolls:  where the cast goes to school.  you either drive to school, take the bus or come by parent.

 there is no other way to school allowed by the administration,

Knolls is close enough to the Boro to play hooky or “run errands for the librarian,

Knolls has two soccer fields, football field, track, tennis courts,

Marching band, football and cheerleading are the most important activities

Morris Hills: the big rival of Knolls, Knolls usually beats Hills


There is an abandoned church on Mt Hope Rd (rte 666) near the Tilcon Quarry

And a historic school house


Mt Hope has a historic park with trails and mines


Parks lake is popular for taking walks (near a cemetery)


Split rock reservoir has a shady past- flooded woods, suicides, and good beer parties


There is a funeral home on the corner of Keller and Main St in the boro.  Keller ave is filled with cars at least weekly


St Clares hospital is in Denville


There is a 40 million dollar estate in Marcella –(complete fabrication on my part) next to the Marcella Chapel and the cemetery 


The Rockaway Mall is a teen hot spot

As is the AMC theater


Hewlett Packard Building on Green Pond are empty and only a church is interested in buying it but is being fought by the town (they want the taxes).


Railroad tracks and a river run thru the middle of the boro


Java Johnie’s is a popular coffee café in middle of boro

Anthony’s is a popular pizza parlor in middle of boro


Renaissance Fairs take place up in NY at Sterling Forest


Picatinny Aresenal Army Post boarders Mount Hope

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