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The Wilderlands 2950 campaign came about in a roundabout way some time in 2002. It began as a set of introductory games using the D&D Adventure Set (the boxed intro to 3.0 edition) to introduce my kids to roleplaying. The Peter Jackson trilogy debuted around this time so we transplanted the setting to Middle Earth, complete with princesses, unicorns and whatever other basic fantasy (albeit non-Tolkienesque) elements we were using at the time. My son’s half-orc barbarian, Tuber, was transformed into a wild Northman, was eventually joined by Thalimar the elf, and we took it from there. The game was shorter-lived than we would have liked due to moves, family, life, etc etc.

Now here we are in 2008, thinking we can make a go of it again.

The first batch of journal entries date from back in 2002-2003 and in some instances reflect the pre-Tolkien nature of the game. I will post a DM recap that hammers and mangles all the events into a Middle Earth theme.

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