The Guardian of the Forest

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Tuber and Thal traveled many hours from the town through light forest. In the village they had heard that a unicorn had been captured by marauding orcs. The unicorn was known in the area for it’s magical healing powers. They were searching for a cave in the local hills. With help of Thal’s wilderness lore they eventually found faint paths the orcs made entering and exiting their lair.

They found a door in the rocks along a rocky wall in a hillside. Tuber tried opening the door but naturally it was locked. Neither of them was any good at picking locks. But Thal did attempt to listen for any noises coming from behind the door. Rustle, rustle, thunk. Something was behind this door.

“Tuber, something is behind this door, and I assume it is the orcs.” Thal commented.

“I will break it down!” Tuber proclaimed, brandishing his battleaxe.

Thal leapt out of his way and prepared bow and arrow. With his mighty strength Tuber smashed the door down, and disappeared into the room. An orc was under the door. Thal shot an arrow at the orc but the arrow was badly aimed and bounced harmlessly off the door. Thal stepped up onto the door, while Thal switched from bow to sword and dagger. An orc approached Thal from the left. Thal heard some commotion coming from the right but his attention lay with the orc before him. Thal stabbed at the orc with his sword but lost his balance on the tilting door and scored a glancing blow off the orc’s armor. The orc attacked Thal slicing with his scimitar. But again Thal slipped slightly on the door so that the orc missed him. “Ow,” Thal head Tuber say; “I will get you for that, tiny orc!” CRUNCH.

The orc attacked Thal again but did not penetrate his leather armor. Thal sliced again and dealt it a deathblow.

Tuber walked over to Thal while Thal surveyed the damage. Apparently Tuber had killed an orc while Thal was fighting but had received a small leg wound in the process. Thal checked the orc under the door for signs of life, apparently, Tuber’s smashing the door had knocked him unconscious. “This orc is still alive,” Thal said and Tuber suddenly chopped the orc in the head with his axe dispatching it quickly.

They looked around the room and immediately noticed the unicorn in the left corner and a door in the left wall.

Thal listened for noise from behind the door and heard nothing. Also the door was locked. He searched the orcs and found 60 silver pieces and gave Tuber 30. He searched the room for secret doors but found nothing. In the mean time Tuber was healing the unicorn that appeared to be sleeping. Apparently the unicorn had been shot with a dart soaked in some kind of sleeping poison.

Tuber, finished with his activity, arose and, unceremoniously, smashed the door down. They were assailed by a horrible smell of orc. The room was full of straw and looked as if it was used by the orcs for sleeping.

“Chest!” Tuber exclaimed and rushed into the corner.

“Just a moment, Tuber, let me look for-” THWAK “Huh?” Tuber said.

He turned to Thal, sticking out of his armor was a dart with goo dripping down from it. The chest sat open behind him.

“Don’t touch it.” Thal said “It has a poison on it.” Thal proceeded to remove the dart and carefully wipe the poison off of Tuber’s armor. Apparently it did not penetrate all the way through the armor.  “Lucky barbarian” Thal muttered.

Thal proceeded to lecture Tuber on traps but Tuber, payed no heed, turned and rifled through the open chest.

He pocketed 55sps and handed Thal 25sps and a scroll. Thal opened the scroll and saw that it was written in high elven known as Quenya.  Something Thal could read! The scroll had some sort of healing spell written on it. Thal searched the room for secret doors and found nothing.

They went back into the other room and came to a decision about the sleeping unicorn. Tuber guarded the unicorn while Thal went about building a travois to place the unicorn on to drag him back to the town, to search for someone that could cure the sleep poison. Thal was working on this for quite some time when Tuber called out to him. Thal ran back to see what he needed. The unicorn was waking up! The unicorn stood and tipped his horn to his flank and the dart wound disappeared. He approached Tuber and touched his horn to the leg wound, which disappeared. The unicorn ran off into the night.

They made their way back to town. And decided to purchase more trail rations. They also decided to listen to the local folk at the local tavern. Tuber was craving ham hock and ate it while they listened.

A dwarf was by the fire ranting “We were cutting and chopping at the walls of the mine when suddenly one of us chopped all the way through into a dark hole. He Thal disappeared into the hole and has never been seen since. “We are only miners and -“

Tuber jumped up and in two giant steps was upon the dwarf “We will find your small dwarf friend!” Thal recovered from his shock, approached the dwarf and Tuber.

“A barbarian and an elf! ” sputtered the dwarf.

“Why yes,” Thal said, “I would trust him with my life.”

And so Thal believed Tuber had volunteered them for a whole new adventure!

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