Long Road to the Grey Mountains

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They prepared carefully for the trip. Among the things they bought was a cart, barrels of water, hay, and two weeks of rations for each person. They would have to travel for many days through the desolation of Smaug. After they reached the top edge of Mirkwood they would be able to hunt and graze the animals. They gathered information about the road that led across the top of Mirkwood. They found out it was patrolled by Beornings, the first section would be desolate, there were dangerous sections where the Grey Mountains encroach on the road. They had to reach the river running north and enter the Mountains following the river.

After five days of traveling they reached the end of the Desolation of Smaug. Thal was now able to hunt and gather food for the party. They traveled five more days, during which Tuber went a little road mad. He accused Urki of stealing his pouch of ale.  It took awhile to calm him down. At the end of the ninth day the noticed a bear was following them. They stayed clear of it not wanting a confrontation. Thal had heard of the story of Beornings being able to shape change and knowing that they patrolled the road kept them from approaching the bear.

They made camp at the end of the tenth day. As usual they took shifts sleeping and guarding. While was on watch he saw the large bear approaching the camp. He woke everyone up. Thal warned not to attack the bear. “Are you a friend?” He asked, “Are you a Beorning?” The bear came every closer. Reldor was getting nervous, “We should attack.” “No!” said Thal. The bear stood up and changed into a man. The man approached the camp fire. “Who are you and to where do you travel?” Explanations ensued with Urki telling him of Glitterhame. The man was a Beorning. He asked them if they would fight a Troll. They agreed to do this.

On the twelfth day the Beorning led them a short way north to a small hill. On the top of the hill was a ruin of a watch tower. He told them that the troll came from the hill but he knew nothing else. They investigated the ruins but found no way into the hill. They eventually searched around the base of the hill and found footprints, clearly of a troll and maybe orc prints.  The prints led to a dark cave. They lit torches and entered. They followed a tunnel to the right and eventually came to a door. Tuber easily smashed it down. Inside the room were four orcs. A battle started and ended with all the orcs dead. A thorough search of the room revealed hidden doors and a door to the north.

They investigated the rooms and hallways until they determined in which area they might find the troll. They found two doors that seemed to lead into the same area. They separated, some at one door and some at the other. The plan was to break into the doors at the same time. But it did not work that way. Tuber smashed open his door but Thal could not break down his door. Urki and Thal had to run back to Tuber’s door and get in that way.

In the mean time Tuber entered a room, heard a growl and a rock was hurtled at him from the corner of the room but missed. They had found the troll. Tuber rushed the troll and
started swinging his sword. Reldor shot with his crossbow and Chandu waited in the doorway. Eventually Thal and Urki ran into the room. Urki ran up to the troll and swung his axe. Thal tried to get an angle from which to fire his bow. Urki took some hard hits from the troll.  Eventually the troll died. They found some money mostly from the orcs. They left the caves and met the Beorning again to tell him of their success. He was very pleased.

They traveled five more days with the Beorning and reached a camp next to the river. They made arrangements to have their pack animals and some of the equipment kept by at the camp. No one had heard of Glitterhame but Urki knew to go north along the river and find a fang shaped mountain.

Early one morning they headed into the mountains to begin their search. After many hours of looking they eventually did see a fang shaped mountain in the distance. They climbed for a while longer. They found an old road that Urki said could have been made by dwarves. Thal kept ahead of the party scouting.

After traveling along the road for awhile Thal heard voices ahead. It was two orcs. He spied on them for awhile then quietly went back to the group. The made a plan that Thal and Reldor would get within bow shot and try to kill the orcs. The plan was successful and the orcs posed no threat. They traveled more cautiously now up the road. Again they came to a curve and heard voices. Thal went ahead and saw a huge door in the side of the mountain but two orcs were guarding it.

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