After the Dragon

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Reldor was sick and tired of the arguments with Oskar and Raziel. They just were just too greedy for words. Reldor stayed at the Dwarf’s Gauntlet for a couple of days and learned that fighting men were
meeting in Redvale for a fight with a dragon. He traveled north and was met by a ranger called Horsa. The ranger told him where the rope was to climb into the ravine but that the party had left hours ago. He made it into the citadel without much incident. He followed a trail of footprints until he heard some noise.


Reldor saw steel glinting in the dim torch light. “Are you here to slay the dragon?” he asked.

“Who are you?” asked the northman.

“Reldor. I have come to join you,” he answered.

“Draw no weapons,” the northman instructed. He turned and called into the door behind him “Master Elf, there is an intruder.”

“Is it an orc?” came a voice from the room.

“No, it is fair folk.”

“Let him enter.”

The party talked with Reldor, showing him the dead dragon. They cut the dragon’s head off as proof to bring to Dale.

They traveled back to Redvale and inquired after an herbalist. Their hope was to create a herbacide to combat the root system. But the herbalist could not produce the quantities needed to kill the roots of the huge Gulthias tree.

They stayed in Redvale for two weeks healing. They found that the bramble monsters were moving west. During this time they did their best to fight any bramble monsters that came along and ripped up roots from the planting areas. A black bird started following Thal around and one day came near. “I am Clee-ack. There are incursions by the easterlings. Do you have news for the king?”

Thal mistrusted the bird, “We will ride forth in fortnight and bring news to him.”

Later the rangers confirmed the news the bird had brought to them and the rangers were being reassigned to fight the new threat from the easterlings. Kerowyn also warned Thal to beware of Geonnyn’s sons, Goar and Grimhild.

They traveled back into the citadel to re-examine the Gulthias tree. While they were there they were attacked by huge wolves and orcs. After the long bloody fight they searched the orcs and found a map. It depicted the Mountains of Mirkwood, a tower, river and paths, and the words Guldrulgor. The orcs had a symbol on their armor depicting a black sun with yellow squiggly lines emanating
from it.

When they returned to Redvale Horsa wanted to know what happened. They told him they were attacked by orcs with the black sun symbol and had found a map. He asked if they had tracked the
orcs to find out from where they came, but the adventurers had not done this and had no other answers.

The group felt tired and fed up with the bramble monster situation. They could not think of a solution to rid the world of them. And giving up hope they made plans and prepared to travel back the Dale. In five days they arrived at Dale and met with Bard. Bard had sent Clee-ack for news and wondered why Thalimar had given such a cryptic answer. Thal admitted that he was suspicious of the bird. Bard was pleased that the dragon was dead and rewarded them each with a huge gem. Thal also returned the extra silver and the Bow. The map was given to an archivist and Guldrulgor was translated “Sarn Goriwing”, “Stone of Foul Waters”, “Outpost of Necromancer”.

They rested in Dale for several days while Urki visited his home in the Lonely Mountain. Urki came to see them one day and presented a grand adventure to them. He wished to find a dwarven stronghold, Glitterhame, “Glittering Caverns”. A stronghold of old in which they would find weapons and armor made by Durgedon. They would have to travel far west into the Grey Mountains and find the Stone Tooth Mountain.

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